A & B Bath Melts

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A & B Bath Melts was designed with children in mind. We wanted to create a safe and fun bath product. We first started in early 2017 when I wanted a fun project for my children and their friends to do. It eventually lead into weekly experiments to creating the "perfect" recipe. January 2018 "A & B Bath Melts" was launched! We continue to strive to make the best product for our customers. We are constantly researching new ideas to keep our customers happy.  Our mission is to help our customers "melt" away their day with "A & B Bath Melts."


Product Ingredients


Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda)

Cornstarch (Gives shape to the melt)

Epsom salts (Helps remove toxins)

Citric acid (Natural antioxidant)

Colorants (Skin safe)

Kaolin Clay (Moisturizes skin)

Coconut oil (Moisturizes skin)

Fragrance or Essential oils (Aromatherapy)

Aromatherapy Oil



Apple, Bubble Gum, Cherry Blossom, Chocolate, Coconut, Cotton Blossom, Cucumber Melon, Fresh Cotton, Honey Almond, Lavender, Lemon, Lemon-Lavender, Lilac, Love Spell, Mango, Peach, Peppermint, Pina colada, Plumeria, Rose, Spiced Pumpkin, Sweet Pea, Sugar Cookie, Sweet Orange, Wild Orange, Vanilla, & Wildberry.

Shower Melts: Eucalyptus/Menthol

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